What is InnovativeDataSearch?

InnovativeDataSearch is a unique advertising, data and publication firm.  We develop online searchable databases from aggregate data sources, creating high demand, high-use public facilities in which we publish and maintain our active ad networks!

Aggregate macro data architecture, publication and management..  Our unique macro data collection and acquisition methodology's are an advent for online database architecture, accessibility and advertising.

Mass aggregate data is acquired by our key technologies. The data is analyzed, parsed, developed and structured for maximum categorization and utilization.

InnovativeDataSearch develops and maintains online searchable databases from aggregate macro data maximizing the potential for exposure during online data searches.

Aggregate data

Aggregate data is the data that is the result of applying a process to combine data elements from different sources. The aggregate data is usually taken collectively or in summary form. In relational database technology, aggregate data refers to the values returned when one issues an aggregate function.